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Green Day along with today's Rock songs you need to know.

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HONEY (ARE U COMING?) Måneskin RUSH! (ARE U COMING?) 3 days ago ITB002301189 1 a-tisket
The American Dream Is Killing Me Green Day The American Dream Is Killing Me 3 days ago USRE12300349 1 a-tisket
ONE MORE TIME blink-182 ONE MORE TIME... 3 days ago USSM12306395 1 a-tisket
DArkSide Bring Me The Horizon DArkSide 3 days ago GBARL2301374 -1 a-tisket
Make It Out Alive ONE OK ROCK Make It Out Alive 3 days ago USAT22307520 -1 a-tisket
THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND Bad Omens THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND 3 days ago USYFZ2264204 -1 a-tisket
Normal People Things Lovejoy Normal People Things 3 days ago QMFME2303958 1 a-tisket
Under You Foo Fighters But Here We Are 3 days ago USRW32300017 1 a-tisket
Nothing Matters The Last Dinner Party Nothing Matters 3 days ago GBUM72301930 1 a-tisket
Angry The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds 3 days ago GBUM72302314 1 a-tisket
Hold Me Like a Grudge Fall Out Boy So Much (For) Stardust 3 days ago USAT22220571 1 a-tisket
Blame Brett The Beaches Blame Brett 3 days ago QM6MZ2391881 1 a-tisket
Modern Girl Bleachers Modern Girl 3 days ago GBK3W2302708 1 a-tisket
The Matrix Mother Mother The Matrix 3 days ago CAW112300364 -1 a-tisket
Running In Circles Dead Poet Society Running In Circles / HURT 3 days ago GBPVV2305351 1 a-tisket
Overcome Nothing But Thieves Dead Club City 3 days ago GBARL2300003 1 a-tisket
Hollywood Baby 100 gecs 10,000 gecs 3 days ago USAT22208967 1 a-tisket
Dancer IDLES Dancer 3 days ago USBQU2300133 1 a-tisket
Shadow (I'm Breaking Down) Destroy Boys Shadow (I'm Breaking Down) 3 days ago USHR22314702 1 a-tisket
Already Over Mike Shinoda Already Over 3 days ago USWB12304892 1 a-tisket
Invisible Hand ✝✝✝ (Crosses) Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete. 3 days ago USWB12302381 1 a-tisket
Too Close / Too Late Spiritbox The Fear of Fear 3 days ago QMRSZ2301312 -1 a-tisket
Everything I Do Is For You Amira Elfeky Everything I Do Is For You 3 days ago USAT22311445 -1 a-tisket
Happier (feat. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon) YUNGBLUD Happier (feat. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon) 3 days ago USUG12308057 -1 a-tisket
We Need More Bricks Neck Deep We Need More Bricks 3 days ago USHR22479004 -1 a-tisket
Fake As Hell (with Avril Lavigne) All Time Low Fake As Hell (with Avril Lavigne) 3 days ago USAT22308653 1 a-tisket
Your Side of Town The Killers Your Side of Town 3 days ago USUG12207721 1 a-tisket
Stuck Thirty Seconds To Mars It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day 3 days ago USC4R2228394 1 a-tisket
Running Out Of Time Paramore This Is Why 3 days ago USAT22218168 1 a-tisket
Young In America Barns Courtney Young In America 3 days ago USA2P2345723 1 a-tisket
Caffeine Jack Kays Caffeine 3 days ago USSM12303834 1 a-tisket
ballad of a homeschooled girl Olivia Rodrigo GUTS 3 days ago USUG12304096 1 a-tisket
thoughts i have while lying in bed The Maine thoughts i have while lying in bed (with Beach Weather) 3 days ago QZ47A2300514 -1 a-tisket
A Little Bit Happy TALK A Little Bit Happy 3 days ago USUM72308667 1 a-tisket
Too Good At Raising Hell The Struts Too Good At Raising Hell 3 days ago QZRD92303244 1 a-tisket
Atomic City U2 Atomic City 3 days ago GBUM72308896 1 a-tisket
By The Time You're Reading This YONAKA Welcome To My House 3 days ago USUM72309023 1 a-tisket
Can't Take It Slow Citizen Calling the Dogs 3 days ago QMCE72326402 -1 a-tisket
I Got Heaven Mannequin Pussy I Got Heaven 3 days ago USEP42344001 1 a-tisket
Landmines Sum 41 Landmines 3 days ago QMRSZ2302172 1 a-tisket
Pull Me Through Royal Blood Back To The Water Below 3 days ago GBAHT2101964 1 a-tisket
The Falling Sky Greta Van Fleet The Falling Sky 3 days ago USUM72305025 -1 a-tisket
Paper Machete Queens of the Stone Age In Times New Roman... 3 days ago USMTD2200629 1 a-tisket
6 Pack and Cigarettes ALEXSUCKS The Gutter 3 days ago QZK6L2344611 1 a-tisket
Salt Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers Salt 3 days ago AUI442300079 1 a-tisket
MARRY KILL F*CK// KennyHoopla BLINK AND YOU'LL MISS IT// 3 days ago USAR12300227 1 a-tisket
beautiful waste Beauty School Dropout beautiful waste 3 days ago QM24S2304419 1 a-tisket
ALL CAPS (feat. John the Ghost) Weathers ALL CAPS (feat. John the Ghost) 3 days ago USYFZ2322802 1 a-tisket
The Narcissist Blur The Ballad of Darren 3 days ago GBAYE2300565 1 a-tisket
What Now Brittany Howard What Now 3 days ago USUG12306385 -1 a-tisket